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Providing Resources for the Region's Life Science Community

Our region’s growing life science industry is in need of the resources of experienced life science industry scientists and executives, professionals who are experienced in working with the life science industry and the multitude of key vendors serving this industry. BSA’s goal is to help develop and expand these resources for the life science community in our region. Additionally, BSA Interest Groups focus on specific topics and areas of interest in order to further support the expansion of our growing life science community.

Building Relationships through BSA Networking Events

Networking is a key part of building business relationships and the “eco-system” which is so critical to developing a life science cluster. These relationships encourage the exchange of ideas and promote growth of the industry. BSA helps facilitate these relationships through its educational and networking events that connect industry scientists, executives, professionals and key vendors.

Developing Connectivity in the Life Science Community

BSA is the centerpiece for connecting this region’s life science industry. BSA believes in the importance of efforts to bring together an “Alliance” comprised of the life science industry, education institutions and governmental agencies located in the West San Fernando Valley and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

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